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Thursday, November 26, 2009

"Buster", Border Collie, San Francisco

Buster is a nine year old, black and white, Border Collie. He is wearing a red collar with ID tags and a microchip. He was visiting San Francisco with his person at their work. Periodically, he would be let out and allowed to run around the area nearby, but this time he did not return back to the jobsite. He was spotted several blocks away at the intersection of Cesar Chavez and Highway 101. That is where we started our search.

Day One (day before Thanksgiving):
We found his track leading up a very long and steep set of concrete stairs that led directly into a another neighbor and then into another and another. At one point his track led through a set of projects where we encounter a loose pit bull racing toward us. Luckily the dog was a juvenile and scared back easily. Both of us wanted to get out of the area very quickly.

We continued to follow the track out of the projects and then through a community garden and then up to the back end of a school with a large grassy field. Here we encountered the second scariest moment of the day. We came across another loose pit bull charging at us, but I was able to get that dog to back off. However a couple of young punks decided that they did not like me doing what I had to to the pit bull and decided to charge both of us. One came at me and the other came at the Buster's person, who is almost six feet tall. We both tried to back up slowly to hopefully get these guys to calm down, but they didn't. I decided to call 911 on my cell phone in my back pocket. That was enough to get my guy to back off, even though he continued to call me all types of names relating to my white race and femininity. I tried to explain to the dispatcher where I was but I could not remember the exact street name.

Eventually both guys, since they were both either stoned or drunk, decided to go away. I later found out that the dog that charged us did not belong to either of these two punks, but to somebody else in the park.

We did continue the track which led through the park and out into the local neighborhood and then for several more hours continued all along Mission Street and into Daly City. Eventually, the track did cross Mission and then went through more neighborhoods and to the 280 freeway. Here we decided to stop for the day since it was dark and we were all exhausted. He asked if I could come back on Friday, after Thanksgiving. I said "Yes."

Day Two(day after Thanksgiving):

We started the search again in Daly City where we left off two days earlier. The track continued again for miles and miles in Daly City, along the area of the beach. The track led down to an area that connects to the beach and then it went all over and up and down paths along the beach. It was pretty frustrating because Buster went all over this area, criss crossing back and forth and going everywhere and down cliffs and up cliffs.

We finally went back out of the beach area and back up into another neighborhood, through a school and up hills and down. By then it was raining pretty hard, and Buster's person called off the search. He said he would continue to look for Buster.