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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"Sebastien", DSH, Black, San Francisco

Sebastien is an indoor/outdoor male black with white DSH who is wearing a microchip. He had a pattern of not always returning right away, so his person did not become concerned for a couple of days when she started looking for him. There were a couple of sightings. We started our search from one of these spots.

Dot and Dino definitely picked up Sebastien's scent and followed it up the long, steep hill to the top of Twin Peaks. From there the track led up and down some streets and then went down to a dead end and up a deck. We went to talk to the home owner. He said that directly behind his deck and house there is a very steep hillside covered in poison ivy. We went around the block to the bottom of the hill to see if we could pick up Sebastien's scent at the bottom.

We did pick up his scent, and from there we went on a multi hour search following what we became to believe was Sebastien being carried. The track went through multiple neighborhoods, down Market Street for a long time and then it make a sharp right turn across Market Street. Then it went down a couple more blocks and then turned sharply to the right and then right again as it led right to the front door of USF. Sebastien's person went inside and checked around asking if anybody had seen Sebastien around. While she was inside I checked for a track from the door and outside. I did find one. I went back to tell her.

We both agreed that probably a student picked up Sebastien near the steep hill in Twin Peaks and then carried him on a bicycle all the way to the school.

She said she had put up flyers around the school. We followed the track out of the school campus, and through a couple more neighborhoods and all the way to the Embarcadero. From there the track made a right for a few buildings and then suddenly went into a building and all the way to the back. This was a large building along the docks (probably one of the piers, but I don't remember the number). There were several businesses in this large building. We contacted one of them, which was still open, but they had not seen Sebastien.

From that building, the track changed again. Per the track, it looked like Sebastien was now walking on his own. It looked like that the student that carried him to the school brought him to the pier probably because that person knew somebody who worked there and could leave Sebastien. After that, Sebastian somehow escaped and ran out.

The track now led down the piers and in and out of buildings and parking lots. At this point it was getting dark and Sebastien's person decided to stop the search and continue it on her own.