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Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Makoa", Greyhound/Afghan mix, Union City

Makoa is a neutered two year old Greyhound/Afghan mix. He is wearing a black nylon collar with ID tags and he has a microchip. He is described as very shy of strangers.

He is also possily dragging a leash that was on him when he was attacked by a loose dog in Garin Regional Park. This park, which is part of the East Bay Regional Parks District and connects for many miles all the way down to Fremont and all the way east into the Tri Valley area. There are many private cattle ranches connected to this park with public access.

He was missing for less than two days when I was called.

His people had scanned the whole area all over the hills, but could not find him and there were no sightings. This included park rangers and park employees.

We started by going to the last known spot where Makoa was seen, and that was a short distance away. We went there and found his track leading up along the designated trails and fire roads. This went on for several miles winding all along the valleys and roads and cattle ranches and lakes. There were a couple of repeated trails, and back tracks. There were no additional sightings of anybody we asked along the trails.

We stopped the track after several hours since it would be getting dark sooner. They decided to continue the search on their own first thing the next morning.