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Sunday, November 14, 2010

"Emma", Jindo, San Mateo

Emma is a two year old Jindo, and she is wearing a collar with a microchip ID tag and she is microchipped. She was recently adopted to her current home about four months ago.

She was at the home of a relative when she got spooked by something and ran out the front door. This home was just a few blocks from her own home. She was spotted about an hour later sitting in front of her own home, and people attempted to catch her, but she ran from them. There were no further sightings of Emma. I came out about five days from the day she went missing.

The track we found went from the front of her home, down the street, through another neighborhood and straight out to El Camino. From there, the track went down El Camino for several miles and through a couple of cities.

Emma's person called the search off at the four hour minimum. He said he would continue to look for Emma.

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Total Distance: 15.49 km (9.6 mi)
Total Time: 3:37:22
Moving Time: 2:14:08
Average Pace: 14.03 min/km (22.6 min/mi)
Average Moving Pace: 8.66 min/km (13.9 min/mi)
Min Pace: 1.90 min/km (3.1 min/mi)
Min Elevation: -34 m (-110 ft)
Max Elevation: -2 m (-7 ft)
Elevation Gain: 515 m (1689 ft)
Max Grade: -1 %
Min Grade: -1 %
Recorded: Tue Nov 09 09:33:11 PST 2010

Day #2:

On November 21, I received a call from Emma's person that she had been receiving calls about either a dog that looks just like Emma or a coyote running in a canyon in the Hillsborough area. Emma can be easily confused with a coyote. She is very similar in size and color and personality. 

I was not available until the 22 since I was out of town, and did not get back to the bay area until 3 PM on that Sunday. I met Emma's person at another sighting just the night before, in the same canyon area. It was definitely Emma. We followed the track around the area of the canyon homes. There were a couple of spots where Emma could have rested for a period of time. Then the track went out and up to Skyline Blvd and continued down and then made a right away from the highway back into the residential area. At this point, we had to stop since it was almost 5 PM and we still had to walk back to the cars. 

Emma's person said she would continue the search on her own. I have not heard if there were any additional sightings as of December 7, 2010

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Total Distance: 4.38 km (2.7 mi)
Total Time: 47:44
Moving Time: 32:43
Average Pace: 10.90 min/km (17.5 min/mi)
Average Moving Pace: 7.47 min/km (12.0 min/mi)
Min Pace: 5.13 min/km (8.3 min/mi)
Min Elevation: 139 m (456 ft)
Max Elevation: 202 m (661 ft)
Elevation Gain: 168 m (552 ft)
Max Grade: 0 %
Min Grade: 0 %
Recorded: Sun Nov 21 16:00:14 PST 2010