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Sunday, November 14, 2010

"Zoe", Blue/White, Pit Bull, Discovery Bay

Zoe is a five month old, unspayed, 45 pound blue and white pit bull. She is not wearing a collar and she is not microchipped. She has a white chest, four white feet and natural ears.

Zoe and the other dog in the house were let out into the backyard at 2 AM on Sunday morning, but the gate was left open, and it was not known the dogs had gotten out until early the next morning. The adult male came home by himself, but Zoe was not with him.

There were two sightings of Zoe in the neighborhood between the  hours of 3 AM and 6 AM. We went to the most recent sighting and started there. From there the track left the neighborhood and went for several miles into a neighborhood and then around and around. This particular neighborhood, due to it being surrounded by water, only has two ways in and Zoe found one of them. She would go down a street, and then hit a dead end and turn around. At one dead end, we found that Zoe appeared to have hung out for several hours in area.

Her person stopped the search after the four hour minimum and said she would continue to look for Zoe on her own.

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Total Distance: 1404.74 km (872.9 mi)
Total Time: 2:46:13
Moving Time: 2:04:10
Average Pace: 0.12 min/km (0.2 min/mi)
Average Moving Pace: 0.09 min/km (0.1 min/mi)
Min Pace: 0.08 min/km (0.1 min/mi)
Min Elevation: -2440 m (-8006 ft)
Max Elevation: 5207 m (17085 ft)
Elevation Gain: 8923 m (29274 ft)
Max Grade: 49 %
Min Grade: -39 %
Recorded: Wed Nov 10 09:47:45 PST 2010