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Friday, June 7, 2013

"Bud," Terrier/Lab Mix, Black, South San Francisco - Found!


Bud is an eight month old, very friendly, black, 35 pound, neutered, lab terrier mix. When he went missing, he was wearing a collar with ID tags and he is microchipped. 

He was at a local park when he took off after his person was attempting to get him into the car. Apparently, he was not ready to go home. There were no sightings of Bud after he left the park. 

He went missing on a Tuesday evening, and we did the search that Friday morning. 

It appeared that at one point he came back to the park because the track led out of the park from a completely different location than how he left, but that time is unknown since there were no sightings. His person said he was at the park that night until after midnight, but never saw Bud. This park was a large suburban park with at least ten different ways to enter and exit, so I am not surprised the two did not meet that night. 

The track we found led away from the area and moved in and out of Daly City and South San Francisco for six hours. The search was called off when we everybody said they were exhausted and it was starting to get dark. 

Due to GPS and battery problems, the entire track was not recorded. We actually went all the way to Hillside Blvd, made a left and eventually went into Cypress Lawn Cemetery. Then we went all the way to the far back, at the base of San Bruno Mountain State Park.

I recommended extending the search into San Francisco since we were so close to the border and informing SFACC that Bud could be in the city.  

Two days later on the following Sunday, I received a text that Bud had been found! He was found walking in the Haight District of San Francisco with a man. He told Bud's person that he had bought Bud from another man for $40, though he could not identify this man, and he could not say how long he had Bud. All of his tags were missing, except for his Rabies tag. 

It was unclear if this person was a transient, but it was definitely doable that Bud was picked up by a transient along the way, and then sold to another person. 

Bud is one very lucky dog!

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Created by Google My Tracks on Android.
Name: Bud South San Francisco
Activity type: -
Description: -
Total distance: 9.79 km (6.1 mi)
Total time: 3:06:25
Moving time: 2:16:39
Average speed: 3.15 km/h (2.0 mi/h)
Average moving speed: 4.30 km/h (2.7 mi/h)
Max speed: 11.11 km/h (6.9 mi/h)
Average pace: 19.05 min/km (30.7 min/mi)
Average moving pace: 13.97 min/km (22.5 min/mi)
Fastest pace: 5.40 min/km (8.7 min/mi)
Max elevation: 186 m (612 ft)
Min elevation: 20 m (64 ft)
Elevation gain: 315 m (1035 ft)
Max grade: 0 %
Min grade: 0 %
Recorded: 6/7/2013 10:06am