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Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Bobette" English Bulldog - Sunnyvale

Bobette is a six year old, spayed English Bulldog who was wearing collar and tags and is microchipped. Her person had just moved into a new apartment and during the commotion, Bobette walked out of her front door. She was noticed missing a short time later. She is very friendly with people and other dogs.

Dino picked up on Bobette's trail around the apartment complex and out onto the street. The trail continued through a couple of apartment complexes, out to El Camino and back down to another apartment complex. The trail led down to the end of the path in the complex and then made a left out onto the street. Dino followed the trail into a neighborhood of homes, through their park and out onto Sylvan Ave, in front of Sylvan Park in Mountain View. We followed Bobette's trail around the through the park and then around multiple streets that led away from and back to the park.

The next day Bobette's person waited in the park to see if somebody was walking her around. A maintenance person said he saw a dog that resembled Bobette with a tall man in the park. Later that day, while me and Bobette's person waited in his car, a man fitting that description and a dog very similar to Bobette pulled into the parking lot and got out. The dog did resemble Bobette, except that dog was taller and had a tail.

I was in the park for several more hours handing out flyers and talking to people to see if anybody had seen her. Nobody said they recognized the dog.

We believe that Bobette was picked up in the parked and is possibly either nearby or has been removed from the area. Notices and alerts have been sent out to bulldog rescue and various other rescue, website, shelter, neighborhood and email lists.

(entered into lost pet questionnaire 2/3/10)