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Monday, September 14, 2009

"Braveheart", DLH, Brown/Black Tabby, San Jose

Braveheart is a neutered two and a half year old brown and black tabby who is wearing a red harness. He is microchipped and totally indoor except for a small patio behind their apartment. His people had recently moved into their apartment was Braveheart had recently started to go to sit on the patio. They also have two dogs and two more cats. The apartment complex is totally gated and enclosed. Each building in the complex is totally enclosed and centered around a single court where all the patios were attached to.

Initially since the court is totally enclosed, they thought that Braveheart was still inside or in another apartment. No sightings had been made of Braveheart.

Braveheart had been missing for almost two weeks when I was called.

The track we found led from the patio and around the court a couple of times and then suddenly led right out one of the gates onto the street. His people did say that many times the gates are propped open by people moving things in and out, especially people who are moving in and out, and there tends to be a large turn around of the tenants.

The track led out to the street and then down the street alongside a large alfalfa field that is adjacent to the apartments. From there we followed the track for over six hours all around San Jose through business parks, neighborhoods, farms, open space, more business parks, train tracks and train stations, waterways and canals, creeks, overpasses, etc. We did follow the track eventually back to the apartment complex, nearby their building. At this point they stopped the track and decided to continue the search on their own.