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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"Elvis", Lynx Point Himalayan, San Jose

Elvis is a nine pound, nine year old, neutered grey and white Lynx point Himalayan. He is very friendly with other people and animals. There are no other pets in the house. Elvis is generally out in the day time and would come home when he knew his person would be home. Routinely he would stay in at night, but he did figure a way to open the screen door to let himself out, and occasionally he would, but had always come back prior to this incident.

His home is on the edge of San Jose in the hills in a gated community on the far edge of the community. There are known coyotes and raccoons and bobcats in the neighborhood. We talked to other neighbors when we found Elvis' scent leading under some wrought iron fencing out of the community and into open space. They did say they had seen coyotes coming and going from under that fence in the past. These neighbors did say they had seen Elvis in their area in the past.

In addition, we found his track leading away from the neighborhood, out a gate and into another part of the open space. There was a swing from a tree that Elvis' people's kids would come to play on here, so he may have been attracted to their scent. We did find the scent leading away from that area, down a hill, through a dried creek and back and forth over a busy street at the bottom of the hill. It then lead in and around several neighborhoods on the opposite side. The track continued down the street and in and around more neighborhoods. His person decided to stop the track at this time because she had to go pick up her kids from school, and it appeared that that track continued further down the street. She said she would continue to look for him.