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Monday, September 21, 2009

"Squeak/Duke", DSH Seal Point, Kentfield

Squeak, AKA Duke, is an indoor/outdoor, nine year old spayed seal point Siamese. She is not wearing a collar, nor does she have a microchip. The last time Squeak was seen or heard was in the afternoon. Her person was sitting inside their home office and knew that Squeak had just walked outside through the cat door. From inside he heard what appeared to sound like an animal fight. He ran outside and Squeak was not longer sitting at the bottom of the stairs where she likes to sit. They did find some blood splatters on the wall of the house, and that was it. They don't know whose blood it is.

She had been missing for less than 48 hours by the time I got there.

I looked at the blood splatter and it did look like some kind of event did take place. However, I mentioned that the blood could belong to the other animal and not Squeak. She said she had not thought about that. As far as they knew Squeak did not wander beyond the house, though she had free access to come and go. There is a new small dog in the house.

The house is built on a steep hillside and the backyard goes immediately down a steep canyon with the bottom not visible.

When I brought Dot and Dino to the area, they immediately indicated the track went out the yard, across the road and up a slight hillside. Then the track stopped and turned around and came back down the hill to the street. Then the track continued up the gated off fire road, which is at the end of their street. The fire road continues for about another mile and then comes out into another neighborhood in the hillside. We tracked her into a yard with a hole in the fence. We looked through the yard, but did not find Squeak, but we did find her track leading back out onto the street and then into another yard. We followed the track around that property and then back out. This continued for several houses along the street. Each time we followed the track around the property and then back out to the street.

This led us all the way to the end of where the street dead ends, which, felt like a few miles from her home. Again, we checked all over the property and found her track around and then leading back out. Nobody along the way saw Squeak.

It was getting dark, so we needed to get back. Luckily we had flashlights and our reflective vests because there were no street lights and no sidewalks on narrow winding streets. Along the way we were still following the track and it appeared to lead all the way back to the home, an exact backtrack.

When we got to the house, the track then led around the house, down the street and then alongside the house and under it, which led to the deep canyon behind their house. They said they would continue to look for Squeak.