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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"Spencer", Golden Retriever, Castro Valley

Spencer is a five year old Golden Retriever who is not neutered, nor wearing a collar nor microchipped. He accidentally got out while some construction was going on at him home.

I got a call from his person saying that Spencer had gotten out one week ago, and that he had been found by a teenager walking in Castro Valley a couple of days after he went missing, a few blocks from his home. The teenager said he saw the flyer for Spencer and was going to take him home to call Spencer's people. According to the teenager, a BART police officer stopped him and asked him where he got the dog and the teenager said he had just found him and was going to call. The officer offered to take Spencer back to the station a couple of blocks away and call from there. The teenager reluctantly gave Spencer to the officer. A female witness said she was across the street and saw the interaction between the teenager and the officer.

Spencer's people said they never received a call from any police officer saying they had Spencer. The teenager said he called Spencer's people on the flyer to tell them what had happened. Spencer's people contacted the BART police and were told that no dog was ever picked up. They went to the station, but it was closed for the day by that time. I met them at the BART police station around 7 PM to see what was happening.

I talked to the teenager, and he confirmed the same story. I talked to the neighbor who said she saw the interaction and said the same thing, but where was Spencer? I took a look at the police station, and I thought maybe they tied him up out front and did not actually bring him into the station, and that something happened once the dog was tied up. Spencer's person confirmed that Spencer did not like being tied up or confined and probably chewed up a rope.

The neighbor who said she saw the interaction between the office and the teenager said she saw later on that day Spencer being walked by another couple who walked into a nearby apartment complex. She said she thought that they were his owners and had made it back home. She pointed out what complex it was. I took the dogs down there and we did find Spencer's scent there. It lead directly up to a door of an apartment that had a back yard. I knocked on the door but nobody was home. I walked around to the back yard and found the fence had a broken board, and I found, what appeared to be Spencer's hair on the boards. I showed it to his person and she confirmed that it was Spencer's long and gold hair.

We continued to follow Spencer's track from that yard around and around some neighborhoods for almost an hour. She then got a call that somebody had seen Spencer a few days ago in the evening get hit by a car a couple of times while crossing back and forth on a busy street a few blocks from our current location. We met her there. She showed us what direction he went down a street. She said she tried to catch him, but lost him and could not find him again.

I had Dino check up and down the street and found the track did not leave the area. I found that the track led to behind an apartment complex and then led back down the street and then suddenly stopped with nothing leading out. I tried it several times and got the same response from Dino. We checked several other areas on the street and found nothing.

My best guess is that Spencer got picked up at that spot and was driven away with their windows up. My guess is that he was injured and found in the road and taken to an emergency clinic. I suggested that they call around to all vets to see if somebody brought him in.

I called his people twice in the next few days, but I did not hear anything back about what they heard about Spencer.