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Thursday, April 23, 2009

"Calypso", Maine Coon Kitten - Los Altos

Calypso is an unspayed 10 month old silver Maine Coon kitten. She had taken a couple of other previous jaunts into the large yard of her person's home, but had always stayed close by in the past. Her person does have three other cats that are indoor/outdoor and have a routine of visiting neighbors' yards behind their house. This area is very thickly wooded with large homes and large wooded yards. There is a house under construction right next door to her person's house.

I checked with Dino up and down the street and several houses in front of the house. He indicated there wasn't any scent. We checked several yards.

We went back to the yard of Calypso's person. I rechecked another spot that Dino seemed interested in at the back of the property, and Calypso's person indicated that this narrow space between two fences of their rear neighbors is where her three other cats tend to travel back and forth to the other properties. We drove to the other street that connects to these houses. We went to the back of this one property to where these narrow space is in their backyard. Dino definitely indicated that Calypso and many other cats had been through here. He indicated up and down the fence line and then under a gate into this property, down the hill past a pool pump and then he led us down the hill to an overgrown creek/swampy area. This was also a deer highway. I would guess a lot of wildlife use this area for water and to transport up and down the creek.

Dino indicated that Calypso had crossed this creek and then went up the steep cliff to another neighborhood. We checked that neighborhood and talked to the home owners. Further up the road Dino indicated there wasn't anymore scent. We guessed that Calypso had gone this far and was probably around this area and may also be going up and down the creek. The creek is very thick with high weeds, trees, brush and it is not possible to walk up and down it.

We checked with other neighbors and their yards that border Calypso person's property. There wasn't any indication that Calypso had visited these properties.

After four hour search, we decided to put a trap at the opening to this "kitty highway" on Calypso person's property to trap her when she attempts to come back. Since Calypso is unspayed there is a high probability that she will get pregnant and thus her focus changes from coming home to finding a nest and safe place to have her kittens.

Her person and the family are continuing with putting up large posters in the neighborhood and distributing flyers to try to find her.

(Entered into lost pet questionnaire 1/28/10)