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Sunday, April 26, 2009

"Kitty", Lilac Point Burmese - Pacifica - FOUND!

This photo is not Kitty, but it looks a lot like her. 

The owner is a 96 year old blind woman, and the cat had been missing for over 40 hours. Strictly indoor, six years old, spayed. The cat had never been out before in living with her for over four years.

The daughter called me totally panicked because this cat was everything to her mom, who lived alone. The area is suburban coastal with older style houses.

We started by doing a check of the house just in case the cat was trapped inside, but Dino indicated no cat in the house. Then we went to the front porch where she escaped. We checked the perimeter of the house and Dino was definitely indicating the cat had been all around there very recently. There were open vents to crawl spaces under the house that had strong scent. The backyard was a steep hillside going up with high overgrown weeds and thick berry bushes. No fences on the owner's property. They had all fallen down long ago.

We started checking the backyard one section at a time. Dino was saying the cat was all over. After about a half hour, I heard a "Meow" twice. The daughter's friend who was with us said she also heard it. We continued to check and after several minutes found the cat crouched down hiding one of the berry bushes, looking right at me. I walked away with Dino so she wouldn't bolt while the friend stayed there to watch the cat, and the daughter got her mother to come out and get "Kitty."

By the time I got back from putting Dino in the car and giving him his treats, "Kitty" was back inside and strutting around. She was checking out Dino's scent all over the house inside as if to say "You got a dog and I have only been gone a short time!"

She was totally healthy and fine. She was visiting everybody and acting like a queen.

(Entered into lost pet questionnaire 2/1/10)