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Monday, April 20, 2009

"Zak", Lowchen - Saratoga

Zak is a 10 year old Lowchen and he and his littermate, Morgan, were hanging out in their gated and walled front yard. Sometime after 7 AM on the previous Wednesday, we believe that two Hispanic or Latino men abducted Zak from the front yard. Two men matching this description were seen by Zak and Morgan's person from inside his house whistling and trying to attract the attention of the two dogs just two days previous to Zak's disappearance.

The only scent that Dino picked up outside the gate was down the hill, outside the gate and down the hill which leads into town. We believe this was due to Zak struggling inside the truck cab with their windows down which shed Zak's scent onto the road as they drove away.

Zak's person is performing an extensive email, fax and internet search for Zak throughout the area.

(Entered into lost pet questionnaire 1/28/10.)