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Monday, April 20, 2009

"Zimba", Pomeranian - Belevedere/Tiburon

Still Missing!
Here is a new video put together by Zimba's person:

Zimba is a 13 year old Pomeranian. He was stolen from in front of a grocery story in Tiburon/Belvedere, CA. His person had several sightings of Zimba in the Canal District of San Rafael. I met his person out in that area Sunday afternoon and we started searching in the last sighting which was the night before. His person was unsure whether the sighting was authentic due to some personal comments he made to Zimba's person. We decided to check out that area thoroughly anyway. Unfortunately, no scent was found after checking the area for over a half hour.

We decided to check out the other sightings there were cumulative over the past week in the same Canal District. We were in the area for over two hours checking out several locations. We even spoke to another young man who swore he saw Zimba with a Asian man just the night before jogging down a path. We checked out that area and there was no indication Zimba had been there.

The other sightings had been from people under 18 that had seen Zimba's person out distributing flyers, and nobody had called based on all the hundreds of flyers Zimba's person had been distributing over the past two weeks in this area.

We figured that either the sightings were not accurate and had been other dogs or that Zimba had been removed from the area since any of those sightings from the past week. Clearly the hoax was the man who said he saw Zimba just the night before. Zimba's scent would be fresh and in that area, easy for Dino to pick up.

The search continues.

(Entered into lost pet questionnaire 1/28/10)