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Thursday, April 23, 2009

"Cui Cui", Chihuahua - Richmond FOUND!

I receive a call from a young man who had lost his Chihuahua on Saturday evening around 8 PM. Actually, his dad lost the dog while he took the young dog in a grocery store in Richmond, next door to Berkeley where he lived. Somehow, the dog got away from him inside the store and escaped out the front door.

When I first spoke to the young man I asked how old he was and he said he was 14. I said that I needed to speak to a parent. He put his mother on, but he mother could barely speak English and only spoke Spanish. He young boy was listening in on another line. He continued the conversation while his mother listened in on another line.

He told me that they did not have a vehicle and had not made it to the shelter yet or called them. They were in the process of making flyers, but had not distributed them yet.

The dog was tricolor, one year old, unneutered, no collar and no microchip.

I agreed to bring Dino to the grocery store and see which direction the dog traveled, and we agreed to meet the next morning at 8 AM. We had been having some intense heat, so I wanted to start early.

After hanging up the phone with the young man, I decided to check the shelter's website to see if they had a listing for stray animals. I looked under dogs and, right at the end, was what appeared to be their dog. The dog had been at the shelter since that previous Saturday night.
I immediately called the owner back and sent him the link. I could hear him saying on this phone when he saw the picture after opening the link"It is him!" I was thrilled. I told them to get to the shelter first thing in the AM to pick up their dog.

(Entered into lost pet questionnaire 1/28/10)