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Sunday, August 30, 2009

"Bonita", DSH, Grey Tabby, San Leandro

Bonita is a 13 year old, spayed DSH Grey Tabby. She is wearing a pink collar with no tags, but is not microchipped. She typically is inside the apartment, but would go out to the back parking lot to hang out or just on the back steps leading down from the second story apartment.

The last time she was seen was around 11 PM one evening as her people were getting ready to go to bed. Her person did say she heard what sounded like animals fighting around that time, but she did not think Bonita was involved.

We searched up and down her street and found no scent in one direction so we checked the other. We did find a scent leading down the street and out across a very busy boulevard. It then led down a neighborhood street, around the corner, through a small park, around and up and down more streets and all the way to another neighborhood on the other side of another school. As it happens Bonita's person works at this distant school, and the path that Bonita took, according to her person, is the path she takes to walk to work everyday.

The track led directly up a long driveway and into a yard. We approached the home owner and showed him Bonita's picture. He said that he had seen that cat just the night before in his yard and then saw her again that morning in his yard, but he saw her jump the back fence and into his neighbor's yard. We looked all over these yards and in the neighborhood, but did not see her. Another family member came out and helped looked in the area, but nobody saw her.

While the family member were looking around, I took Dino and tried to find her scent leading out somewhere. I finally found it leading out from the neighborhood and down the street. I let her people know. They left flyers all around in case Bonita was seen again.

We followed the track down the street, close back to her neighborhood, but instead of making a left back to her home on the busy street, the track made a right, heading to the edge of San Leandro and Oakland, not a great neighborhood.

The track led down some very busy streets and all the way to a warehouse district. The track then led directly under a fence. I could not find a track leading away from the area, so we figured that she had gone under that fence. At that time we got a phone call that Bonita was seen back in the previous neighborhood. I was very confused since her track was over here. Maybe she went back there after leaving this current sight since we were no sure of the timeframe of this spot.

We walked all the way back, where one of her people were already there. I talked to the person who said that they saw Bonita, and the description was not correct. The cat he said he saw had a shorten tail, but Bonita has a full tail. The coloring of a grey tabby was the same, but the tail definitely was not her. I was pretty disappointed because now we were so far away from the last known place that I did not feel that her people would go back to that spot.

They said they would continue to check around.