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Thursday, January 21, 2010

"JoJo", Cattle Dog Mix, San Francisco - Found!

"SF Family Reunited With Stolen Dog - News Story - KTVU San Francisco"
"SAN FRANCISCO: Jojo The Dog Stolen By Woman; Dognapping On The Rise [Rob Roth] - Video - KTVU San Francisco"

Search Details: (January 16)

Jojo is a neutered tan, black and brown five year old Australian Cattle dog mix. He is wearing a collar with ID tags and is microchipped.

His people walked him to a nearby grocery store and tied him up out front of the store and went in to do shopping, like they had done the previous five years with never an incident or evening hearing that this was an unsafe practice. When they came out of the store, they found Jojo gone. A security guard in the parking lot said that he saw an older white woman with a type of accent walking away with Jojo from the front of the store and off to the side. He did not know that she was not Jojo's person since, he said that he did not see Jojo tied up in the beginning. The front of the store did have a security camera pointed in that area, and Jojo's people attempted to have the store management release the tapes. However, the management refused, and the tapes were not released to the public for a couple of days.

I was called by Jojo's people that evening that he was missing, and I came out the next morning. We found a track leading away from the store and then in and around numerous neighborhoods for over an hour. The track eventually lead to an apartment/projects complex, and directly to the back of a specific apartment through the backyard. The dogs even indicated that no other scent led away from the apartment backyard, which meant that the dog had to enter the apartment that way and not come back out.

Jojo's person made contact with the people inside the apartment. They said that they did not know anything about Jojo. Jojo's person asked them if there was anybody else in the apartment that might know about Jojo or who could have come home with him. They said the only other person in the home was their mom, but she wasn't home. They said she was at work. The description of the family matched the description of the woman who was seen by security walking away with Jojo, and the family members all had accents, which we narrowed down to eastern Europe, possibly Russia or Czech.

I took the dogs to the front of the building and found the front door of the apartment. I had the dog check the dog and ask if there was any scent leading away, and they said yes. We followed the scent through the neighborhood and then all the way down to the Embarcadero and then through all of the vendors along that area. It appeared that Jojo was still being walked by a human.

On the Embarcadero, there is a restaurant called "      " where it appeared that Jojo was suddenly walking by himself because the track was erratic and choppy following trash cans and all along all the piers and the wharf all the way to Pier 39 and all the way to the east edge of Chrissy Fields. At this point, we had been tracking for over five hours, and Jojo's person called it off and continue the search in the area with flyers.

The next day I received a phone call that somebody had spotted Jojo at Lombard and Steiner, a few blocks from Chrissy Fields and where we had stopped the day before. The sighting had been late in the afternoon the day before when we tracked him to that area! Jojo's people had been putting out flyers in that area when somebody spotted her and told her. They continued to look for him.

About a week later they received a phone call from Jojo's microchip company that Jojo had been dropped off at a vet clinic in Marin County by some people who said that they had found Jojo in San Francisco. They told the vet that could not keep him since they lived in Oregon and they were on their way home. Luckily the vet was suspicious and scanned him and found his microchip! Jojo was home the next day.