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Saturday, January 9, 2010

"Sake", Siamese, Belmont - Found!

Sake is a four year old, indoor only female blue point Siamese. She had no collar or a microchip. There are two other cats in the home. She had been missing for over a week when I was called. 

The husband had moved the washer/dryer away from the way to clean and paint the area. He had covered up the hole for the ventilation hole that leads to the outside, but somehow it came loose and Sake slipped out in the middle of the night sometime between 10 PM and 6 AM the next morning. 

We found Sake's track that led away from the house, down the street and then behind the house where there is a dirt road that connects to houses on both sides. From there her track lead around the neighborhood and down streets and all around the area and eventually went into San Carlos, next door. From there, the track was still Sake running loose on the street until we got to a house where the track went into a front yard and Dot found it around and around the yard and then to a far back corner. 

After this house, it appeared that Sake was in a car because the track suddenly changed to a cat walking on the street to how a car would drive. The track led us for a couple of miles up roads, up driveways and then back out onto the road. After about five hours of searching Sake's people called it off. 

I recommended contacting rescue groups to see if they picked her up since she had not collar or microchip to identify her. I also said that she could escape from these people and attempt to make it home.

I received an email about three weeks later that Sake had been found a few blocks from her home. The husband insisted that Sake had never left the neighborhood and felt that the track we were on was a total fake. He felt that since Sake did not look like she had been on the street for over four weeks and that she was not skinny that there was not way she could have gone that far. He felt that she had been hiding in that same area for since she escaped. I explained that no cat could survive without any food or water for that long of time and would not sit still for that long. He insisted that the track was totally incorrect.