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Monday, January 18, 2010

"Yoshi", Yorkshire Terrier, Oakland

3/10/10 - Still missing

Yoshi is an unneutered eight month old male Yorkshire Terrier. He is wearing a red collar, but had no tags and does not have a microchip. He escaped from the yard when the side gate got left open by accident. He was last seen approximately 6 Pm that night.

We found Yoshi's scent leading to the left of the house and then up the street and into a yard of a private school. He did the mountain goat routine and was climbing cliffs and hills. Eventually he came out of the schoolyard and then went in and out and up and around numerous neighborhoods for several miles. If he was traveling at night, nobody would see him in these places.

After several hours of searching, we were in the "Broadway" area of Oakland and his people called it off. There were no sightings. They said they would continued the search on their own.