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Monday, January 18, 2010

"Dorian Grey", Persian, Grey, Alameda

Dorian Grey is a outdoor only FIV positive grey Persian who is approximately 5 years old. He is not wearing a collar and he does not have a microchip. He would frequent his person's house and would regularly hangout in the backyard. One day he did not come home to eat.

We found his track leading away from the house and then in various parts of the local neighborhood and then for several blocks down one of the mains streets. We would see the track go off to the left of the street where it appears he finds a dead end along the water (common in Alameda) and then goes back to the main street where he would continue. The continued throughout Alameda where the track went along the water and to the end of parking lots and other areas. In my experience with animals lost on Alameda, the animals just go until they hit water (which is all very close) and then they turn and keep going.

After four hours, the search was stopped by Dorian's person. She said she would continue to look for him. Based on the search, it looks like Dorian was chased out of the area and was trying to find his way back. It appears Dorian and his person are very close and he wants to get home.