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Sunday, January 10, 2010

"Julie", Persian, Orange and White, Ross/Marin County - Found

Julie is a seven year old, Orange and White Persian who weighs only four pounds. Due to a birth defect she could not eat solid food through her mouth. She had to be tube fed and her person had been doing this several times a day for several years. While her person was bringing groceries in and out of the car, Julie darted outside. I was called out within 48 hours of her missing. No sightings had been made of Julie.

When I got there, obviously, Julie's person was extremely upset and frightened of Julie's situation since Julie could not eat solid food and would starve without immediate help. She wanted to check the large, enclosed storage areas under the house to see if she had somehow gotten in there, even though all the areas are locked and secure. We also checked the garage, even though she said she had checked it out thoroughly. After an hour of checking parts of the house, we were able to check the track leading from the house.

I found a track from the front door that led out to the street, which was an isolated, narrow and dead end mountain road. There was little to no traffic on the road. Julie's track led out to the road, to the right around the garage and then down the steep hillside, which the garage and house was perched on. With the help of ropes already in place to climb the hill, we were able to follow the track around the perimeter of the house and then the track went around the house and then behind another house and out onto another road that was below Julie's house. From there the track went back up around the road and back to the road that went in front of Julie's house, past it, up the road to the end of the road and through a gate to the property of a house that is under construction. 

We tried contacting the police and the security company, but nobody knew how to enter the property or who the property belonged to. We finally made a drive to the local police department and asked how to reach the property and who might own it. The police officer was very nice and he directed us to the other side of the property, based on a local map. We drove up to that area, and we talked to another neighbor along the property and she said that that property under construction belonged to another person who lived in a house nearby. She told us where that house was and how to reach it. 

We went to the house, and found two young boys at the house. Julie's person told them about Julie and that we needed access to the property to look for Julie. The boys called their parents, and their parents gave them permission to open the property to us. However, they were not able to find the correct keys to the two gates. They said they had the keys to the gate down near Julie's house, but not for the ones up on the top. We decided to drive my van back down to the other road and enter in through there. They met us down there to open the gate.

Once we were in, I had the dogs check and they found a track that led up the driveway under construction. From there it went to the shack where all the tools were kept and then the track went up the stairway and then out to the gate that was up by the house where the boys were staying. What this meant was that Julie had passed through the property and up into the neighborhood. 

At this point, Julie's person had to go to an appointment, and she said that she would continue to look for Julie on the other side of the property and in that neighborhood.

I got a call about three days later that Julie had been found deceased less than 24 hours after our search in a neighborhood off of the neighborhood where we had tracked her to.