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Sunday, January 31, 2010

"Chino", Poodle mix, Oakland - Found!

Second email:
Yes, we are so happy.  he has yet to leave our arms.  he is so tired that he can barely walk.  But boy was he hungry!

Yes, you can put his picture up!  He loves attention.  Chino may have three legs, but he sure does not know that.  This dog can move, fast and long.  He typically runs about 5 miles everyday.

We learned a lot through this process.  Make BIG signs and talk to EVERYONE!

First email:
Good news-  we found Chino! today at about 10 AM.  after 16 hours of searching we found him wondering through the nearest neighborhood.

Thanks for all your helpful website.  We are interested in learning more about what you do.

I received a call from Chino's people that he was lost in Temescal Park in Oakland. Since I already had a search scheduled for the next day, they asked to set one for the following day, and they would keep looking for him. I received the above emails the night before the search saying they had found him.