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Monday, March 29, 2010

"Oscar", Scottish Terrier Mix, Milpitas - Found!

On April 2, several days after the search, I received the following emails from Oscar's person:

"I have good news, I found my oscar. He was in the hayward animal shelter. I think you were right, I'm guessing he was with a homeless person and traveled that far, homeless people sure can walk. I also got him microchiped, Ya! I feel a lot better knowing that he has something that ties back to me.

Oscar was found wondering on the corner of Soto Dr. right across from the Hayward animal shelter. (how funny huh?) They said he was alone just walking. One of the animal control people picked him up and brought him in. They found him on the 30th but they didn't post him until the 31st.

Also, I don't mind if you use my e-mail at all. I trust you do whatever you need to do to help your business. I think you did a really good job and my husband was happy with your effort too. I attached the best picture that I have of oscar, Thanks again.

Anyway, thank you for all your help and effort in searching for my dog. You and yo dogs did a great job, thank you."

Search details:
This is a great story about somebody who refused to give up looking for her dog, even after seeing the track and seeing how far away he was taken. The search with my dogs do not ever stand alone as a way to find a pet. There is homework and follow up that the people must do and continue to look for their pet. The search can give you an idea of where to look and how far out to extend the search. 

Based on the search it appeared Oscar had been picked up by a homeless person based on the track which followed homeless camps, dumpsters, trash cans, recycling areas, under roads, isolated areas, etc. Oscar was not wearing his collar and was not micrchipped (he is now!) and he is very friendly and would go up to anybody. 

We followed his track for six hours until it got dark and we were all tired.

I suggested that the search should extend beyond the immediate Milpitas area since he could have been taken to any area. If he is with a homeless person, they can travel long distances. I suggested checking with the Fremont and Hayward shelters and letting them know he was missing. 

She told me that she informed both the Fremont and Hayward shelters and that she was checking their websites daily in case he came into the shelter. Since he had no ID on him, they would not know who to contact. 

After Oscar was found I was told that his person checked the Hayward shelter and found him posted and called immediately! That is how she got Oscar back. 

View Oscar's Track in a larger map

Total Distance: 16.62 km (10.3 mi)
Total Time: 3:50:22
Moving Time: 2:41:04
Average Pace: 13.86 min/km (22.3 min/mi)
Average Moving Pace: 9.69 min/km (15.6 min/mi)
Min Pace: 6.67 min/km (10.7 min/mi)
Min Elevation: -38 m (-125 ft)
Max Elevation: 127 m (417 ft)
Elevation Gain: 866 m (2843 ft)
Max Grade: -1 %
Min Grade: -8 %
Recorded: Mon Mar 29 13:16:34 PDT 2010