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Friday, March 5, 2010

"Romeo", Maltese, San Jose - Found!

Romeo is a nine year old Maltese. He was staying with some friends while his people were on vacation out of the area. Romeo left through an open gate while a contractor was at the house doing work. The friends said they went to the shelter to look for him, and they said they posted flyers as soon as they noticed him missing. 

His people were not able to return home for several days after his disappearance. I was out of town when I received the call. I said I could do the search in two days when I returned home. On the phone I gave them some suggestions on what to do and where to look. The next day I received a call saying they were not going to do the search, and would look for Romeo on their own. 

I received a call a couple of weeks later saying that they had found Romeo. One of the suggestions I gave to them was to look on Petfinder and contact the rescue groups with his flyer. On one of those attempts, his person found Romeo listed for adoption. He immediately contacted the rescue group and identified Romeo. He was told that the rescue group got Romeo out of the San Jose shelter after his holding period of four days was up and nobody had claimed him. He was stunned. This meant that his friends who said they checked the shelter never did, and the friends later admitted to never checking the shelter. 

To make matters worse, the rescue group wanted $1500 to get Romeo back. They claimed this was the amount of money they put into him with medical bills (including neutering), his adoption from the shelter and what they feel they could have adopted him out for. His person offered them $500. Initially they would not take it, but eventually, after a long conversation to prove they were not horrible people, they let Romeo go for the $500. 

Romeo's person felt like the rescue group was labeling him as irresponsible because Romeo was not neutered, not microchipped, or wearing a collar, and allowed to run loose, according to the rescue group, even though Romeo's person explained it was an accident that Romeo got out, while he was in the care of another person.