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Friday, March 5, 2010

"Haley", Tan/white, Thailand Mixed Breed, San Bruno - Found

Haley was  three year old Thailand mixed breed dog. She is no microchipped. She was imported from Thailand the day she disappeared. 

Her person was on her way home from picking up Haley from the San Francisco Airport, when they decided to take Haley out of the crate for a stretch and a break. Haley got scared and bolted, slipped out of her collar. They searched in the area and followed her around for several hours, but eventually lost her. The last sighting they had of her is where we started the search.

Both Dot and Dino were saying that Haley had been in the area of the park and freeway overpass area very recently. They were very excited and animated. Within one half hour of starting the search, we found Haley deceased along the highway, near an on ramp. Her body was not stiff and still somewhat warm. She had only been dead for a very short time.