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Friday, March 5, 2010

"Rigley", Calico, DSH, Redwood City/Redwood Shores - Found!

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Rigley is a seven year old, indoor only, microchipped calico DSH. They had looked all over the house, but could not find Rigley. There is a cat door that leads to the garage, and would spend some time out there, but had never left the house property. I was called in about 48 hours after Rigley went missing. They had been leaving the garage door partially open in case she came back, she could get back inside the house through the cat door.

We found a track leading out and all around the area of the Redwood Shores area, which is a business park combined with houses. The track eventually led back to the general neighborhood, and here Rigley's person called it off because she was having a hard time walking due to recent knee surgery. She said she would continue to look for Rigley in the area.

I got a call about two days later that Rigley was found back inside the house. She appeared thin and cautious, but physically OK.