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Sunday, July 26, 2009

"Angel", Persian/Chinchilla mix, Castro Valley

Angel is an unspayed, in season, indoor only four year old white with grey half Persian, half Chinchilla female. She is wearing a white flea collar and is not microchipped. She ran out the front door while her people where unloading groceries from the car. There wasn't a single sighting of her.

Angel's behavior of an indoor only cat who suddenly gets out did not fit the stereotypical behavior, which should be to go and hide somewhere. We found her track leading around the buildings and through a neighborhood, over a creek and into another neighborhood. We found her track go up the side yard of a vacant house and through the yard and through a hole in the fence, which led to a large open space. Her people decided to stop the search at the three hour minimum even though I felt there were several additional areas to follow the track. I gave them ideas to put flyers and bright posters up and down the street of the vacant house to see if she had come back through the hole in the fence. And to also put the flyers and posters on the busy street that led out from the dead end street where the vacant house was.

We went back to check the townhouse complex, but did not find any tracks of Angels except for the previously discovered ones that went around a parking lot and out to an adjacent neighborhood.

(entered into lost pet questionnaire 4/8/11)