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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"Papa Kitty", DLH, White and Brown Tabby, Oakland

Papa Kitty is an indoor/outdoor five year old DLH brown tabby with white on the chest, face and paws. He was not wearing any collar or microchip. His housemate included his mate and one of their kittens, now an adult. He had been missing for over a week when I was called. There was at least one known territorial cat in the area that was regularly coming into Papa Kitty's yard and bullying Papa Kitty and the other two cats.
We did find two tracks around the neighborhood that both led back to the house, so I figured it was two of his regular territorial tracks. We did find another track that led across the street and then over an overpass and into a more commercial/retail district. This track led us all the way up into the Montclair area that took us through many parks, schools, shopping districts, creeks. We were on the trail for several hours. There were many cross tracks in the same area. We were many, many miles away from Papa Kitty's home.
His person decided to call the search off and see if the could do some advertising in the local newspapers to see if anybody had seen him. We started the long walk home.

(entered into lost pet questionnaire 4/8/11)

As of July 28, 2009 - Still Missing