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Friday, July 31, 2009

"Maya", Pug, Santa Rosa - Found!

Maya is a three year old, unspayed Pug who is fawn with a black mask. She is wearing a brown leather collar. She got out of her yard when she got scared by loud landscaping being done nearby. She was missing for 24 hours when I was called out. I arrived the next morning when she had been missing for 48 hours. While I was driving to their home, I received a call that Maya had showed up at the doorstep of a neighbor's home. Since I was already on my way and over the Richmond/San Rafeal bridge I decided to finish the drive and see if I could run Dot through a practice track.

When I got to Maya's home, her people said they would love to go on a track to see where Maya was for the last 48 hours. They thought she was pretty close by and hiding. I agreed to run Dino on the track for no charge and then to run Dot afterwards as a practice.

While we were talking about Maya, they said that their cat, Stewie, had been missing for over five weeks and they wanted to know where he was. Since Dino had never run a five week old track (four weeks was the oldest) I said I would run Stewie's track for them after running Dot on Maya's.

Maya's person's daughter came along with us on Maya's track. As predicted, the track led out of the mobile home park and then went down the street and led around another nearby mobile home park. After that, Maya's track was a total surprise to her people. The track led down to a nearby creek and then turned left and when for a couple of miles to a nearby large multi sports field. The track was all over the field and then around went around the large lake and then back around to the parking lot. The track then went back onto the creek's path and continued for several more miles. We were on the track for over four hours when Maya's person decided to call it off. She was convinced that Maya's had been on quite an adventure and we were still not sure how Maya made it back to her home because where we left off was over a couple of miles from her home. She must have been going for the 48 hours straight with very little rest.

(entered into lost pet questionnaire 4/8/11)

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