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Saturday, July 4, 2009

"Max", DSH, Silver/Grey Tabby, San Francisco

Max is a two year old, indoor/outdoor, neutered, silver grey tabby with some white. He has a microchip and is wearing a collar and ID tag. He had been missing for almost three weeks when I was called. He did not come home one night after being out.

We started the search by following him down the street for a couple of blocks and then it made a right turn and then another right turn and then went up a couple more blocks toward a lot complex of apartments. Here the track went through a small community garden and then out the other end. In front of us was the base of Mt. Sutro, which is a large open space with another community garden and a lot of homeless encampments.

We asked around and looked around. The caretaker of the community garden (who had an attacked trained rooster who went at both my dogs numerous times), had not seen Max, but kept the flyer up nearby.

We decided to check across the street, Laguna Blvd, which is very busy. Here we did find Max's scent that then led up a very steep cliff behind some house and then out onto another street. We went up to that street and find Max's scent. He had come through those houses from behind them and then his trail went up the street toward Forest Hills. We continued through Forest Hills for a few blocks. Here Max's person stopped the search due to other time committments that evening (July 4th). She said she would continue the search for Max up in that area.

(entered into lost pet questionnaire 4/7/11)