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Friday, July 31, 2009

"Stewie/Stewart", DSH, Grey Tabby with White, Santa Rosa

Stewie is a six yer old, grey and white DSH tabby. He has lived at this home from most of his life.

He is a housemate of Maya, the Pug, whose case entry can be seen just before this post. I was called to Maya's home because she had been missing for 48 hours. On my way to their home, I received a call that Maya had been found as a neighbor's nearby home. When I got to their home, I asked if I could run Maya's track as a practice track for my dog, Dot, who is in tracking training.

The only idea that they had in regards to what happened to Stewie is that around the same time that Stewie suddenly disappeared, several other cats in the same mobile home park, also disappeared in about a two week time frame and never were found. Per his people, Stewie was a big home body cat and rarely ever strayed further than a short distance from his home, and spent most of his time at home.

I did the search with just Dino since both of Maya's people had to go to work.

I took Dino in a systematic approach all around the mobile home park. Dino does both a "Yes" and a "No." Like all other tracks, I checked in all directions going away from Stewie's home. I picked up two different tracks leading away. One was down the block, to the left and then left again back into the front gates of the park and then back to Stewie's home. The other track was into the elementary school just behind Stewie's house. The track led around several buildings and around the grassy field and then back home. Both of these tracks, Stewie's people acknowledged later as the two known territories of Stewie. They had seen him in these locations in the past.

I checked several other directions, and I got all "No's" from Dino, meaning that the scent did not exist in that direction. This gave me a very small territory of Stewie's scent. As I do on all other tracks, I will double check with Dino and ask the same thing again, and I got the same information.