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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"Stella", DSH, Black, Mill Valley

Stella is a female seven month old DSH black kitty with a collar at the time of her disappearance. She does have a microchip. She had been missing for 16 days when I was called. Their property borders on the Mill Valley golf course.

Her collar had been found on the fourth hole by a course employee. The collar had been brought to the pro shop and hung up on a nail in the shop. A relative of Stella's person saw the collar hanging up and asked about it. She was told by the employee where it was found on the course and she showed it to Stella's person. The exact location on the hole was unknown so we decided to start at the tee and work out from the hole. About half way along the fareway Dino picked up the scent and started to follow it.

The scent led us up and down the fareway and up and down hillsides (the course is built into a small canyon) and up to a fireroad/jogging trail. We followed it to the right for a short distance when Stella's person wanted to try the other direction of the road which was closer to home. We turned around and checked some other directions. I recommended we continue on the fireroad, but she wanted to check in other direction. She also had a young daughter with us, and the daughter wanted to go home.

We checked in some other directions, and we did find Stella's scent. However, we didn't know the age of the track. We didn't know if this track was older or newer than the track on the fireroad. The current track led us back to the golf course and crossed a fareway. We were not allowed back onto the course, per the course management. Stella's person had to go to an appointment, so she decided to stop the track here and talk to her husband and see if they wanted to continue the track another time.

(entered into lost pet questionnaire 4/8/11)