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Thursday, July 9, 2009

"Xela", Siamese Seal Point Snowshoe, Napa

Xela is a three year old, spayed female Snow show Seal Point Siamese. She is not wearing a collar, but she is microchipped. She lives in Menlo Park, but she was visiting a relative of her person in Napa. She had visited this house many times in the past. She was staying in a bedroom for most of the stay, but she had full access to the rest of the house, which included a dog/cat door for the other animals in the house. The door leads to a small backyard and in that yard is a small hole that was under the fence that was used by one of the other cats in the house.

We tracked her to a small court at the end of the street and then the track led down the street and right along a small walking path which led to an open space and eventually a large apartment complex. From that apartment complex the track led to a creek area and a townhouse complex. From there it went under a bridge and then to a private agricultural farm. With the permission of the home owner we were allowed in a large rear garden and then eventually into another large agricultural area. This whole area was fenced. We followed her track to a small hole in the fence which led to another very large winery.

Here the owner decided to stop the track because that next area was acres and acres wide. She said she would go to that property on her own and led them know she was missing and continue her search from that area.

(entered into lost pet questionnaire 4/8/11)