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Sunday, July 5, 2009

"Sasha", DSH, Tortishell, Pacifica

Sasha is a 12 year old Tortishell DSH cat. She is microchipped and wearing a morphine patch because she was on her way to the vet for cruciate surgery when she escaped from the carrier case. She was last seen running from the bag and across the street to a private yard which backs up to a steep hillside covered in berry bushes, ivy and thickets. She had been missing for a couple of days prior to me coming out.

She previously had been an indoor/outdoor cat, but had been strictly indoors in her own yard for several months while her person was having their home remodeled and their were living in a temporary apartment.

We checked all over the hillside, sending Dot into all the bushes, berry thickets and everywhere else we could find where Sasha might be hiding, but we never found Sasha. I do feel we found her scent there because the dogs were animated and following around and around as if she was there, but we did not find a cat.

We then started on the streets behind their home. We checked on various streets and many, many yards, but never found her scent in any of those spots.

There were steep hillsides above where we found her scent that we were unable to check due to the terrain and that they were very extensive and covered in thick berry bushes.

Her person confirmed that in the past when Sasha had been out that she was always very quiet and secretive and hid very well. My belief is that since she had that morphine patch on her that she was hiding out somewhere and moving around without any pain. Once the patch wore off, which was due to be about 24 hours after the search, she would be forced to start making noise and moving around.

(entered into lost pet questionnaire 4/8/11)