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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"Boo" , "Pippin", Flame Point Himalayans, Larkspur - Pip Found!

"Boo" and "Pippin" are two male neutered, indoor/outdoor flame point Himalayans. They are wearing collars with tags, but do not have microchips.

They were seen by neighbors jumping into a moving van in their neighborhood. The moving van went to a large apartment complex in Larkspur. One of the cats was caught by one of the movers, but eventually got away and were seen running into the bushes of the complex.

We did two separate days of searches starting from the complex and leading out and down into a neighborhood of houses built into a canyon. This led down the street and out to a large marsh. The track came out of a marsh and led down the street, up through some more apartments and down to an old winery that was now a private residence with horses and vacationers.

There weren't any people at the residence, so we were unable to follow the track any further. By that time, it was getting late and near dark, so we decided to contact the property owner via phone and set up another time to restart the track.

About three days later we were able to restart the search from that property. It went through and around the horse pasture and then back out to the street. We followed the track around Larkspur for a few more hours. The track led back up the canyon road and back to the base of the original apartment complex where the cats were lost. Now we didn't know if we were following both cats or just one. Their person decided to stop the search at this point and continue the search on her own.

About three days later I received an email that "Pippin" was found back at the original apartment complex near where he jumped out of the van. His person thought that he had been at the complex this whole time in hiding. However, I reminded her that the search led us back to the apartment complex and that he had made it back. "Boo" was still missing.

As of November 21, 2009, "Boo" is still missing.