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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"Chocolate", "Ashley", Pit Bull Puppies, Hayward

This is a GPS map of both days of searching.

Chocolate and Ashley are two eight week old brown and white pit bull puppies. They are not wearing collars not are they microchipped. They were loose in their very large yard with a fence that had a lot of open gaps and holes. The person who was watching the puppies outside went inside for a few minutes to take a call. During that time the puppies took off through a large hole in the fence. We tracked them from a hole in the fence and across the unfenced back yard of their neighbor and then up to the street.

Search Day #1:

The first day was tracking the puppies from their home, down the street, up into a neighborhood, around several houses, into an open space, into the creek behind the house and around the rock quarry next to the creek.

We did hear what we thought were cries of a puppy who sounded in distress coming from the creek, though we could not find the sources. All three of us heard the sounds, and the sounds were not mechanical and repetitive. They were different and did respond to us calling. The owner went up and down the creek, but could not find any dogs.

This search was for several hours that day.

We had several people say that they did see the puppies in various spots in the same neighborhoods we were tracking them.

Search Day #2:

The second day we followed up on a couple of sightings. We did find a track that led from the 7 Eleven store and up into Memorial Park, just behind the store. The tracks went all over the park and up into the cemetery that borders the park. The track came back down the street and then back into the park and back down to the neighborhood that was right along the track of another confirmed sighting. That track went into the creek again.

We followed up on another possible sighting from the 7 Eleven store and that did lead from the store to a motel next door. The tracks where all over the motel. We asked several employees but nobody had seen the dogs.

At this point the owner stopped the search, saying they would follow up on further leads by themselves.