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Saturday, August 1, 2009

"Hef", DSH, Silver Tabby, Monterey - Found

Email received October 10, 2008:
Yesterday a neighbor found him on his porch. We had a huge storm with high winds and it appears that he was hit in the head with flying debris and was killed. There is a house being built next to him so all sorts of things could have hit him. The man mentioned that Hef befriended his Dachshund so whomever found him (my guess is a construction worker) placed him on his porch. He was only a block away. He was rescued at a construction site from a garbage can (he was in a plastic bag so the rescuers named him “Hefty” for Hefty garbage bag) and he went out the same way he came him (the neighbor had him in a bag too.)

I am very sad but at least it is closure.

He was lost on July 13th and found on October 13th.

Thanks again for trying to help me find him. You did give me hope that I would see him again. I wish I would have found him alive but at least I know he wasn’t suffering.


Thank you card from Hef's person.

Hef is an indoor only eight year old silver tabby DSH. He escaped one night through a broken screen on a window. There were no sightings or calls on his location prior to me coming out. He had been missing for several days before I was called.

We found his scent down the street, to the left and up a walking path. This lead up a street and through many neighborhoods in this very wooded and hilly area. Some of the roads were very narrow and had absolutely no shoulder for us to walk on and the cars drove very fast.

We followed this track for three hours all over the area and then his person called off the track. She said she would continue the search in that area, even though I said, based on his track record of traveling, he is probably long gone from this area and has moved on, especially since he has been missing for over a week.