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Friday, August 21, 2009

"Hank", DLH, Grey, Redwood City - Found!

Hank is a blind, indoor only, 10 year old solid grey, microchipped cat. He was accidentally let out the front door by a family member. He had been missing for 10 days when I was called. There is another dog in the house. We did two consecutive days of searches.

We followed Hank's track for miles throughout neighborhoods, parks, more neighborhoods and back to the parks. His person was totally amazed that he could travel this far. One of the parks is where his people walk a lot on the trails.

We followed his track back to his neighborhood and that he circled the block where he lives at least a couple of times. He walked all over the surrounding neighborhood.

He crossed a very busy street back and forth several times back and forth to the neighborhood where he lives and the large county park.

His people stopped the track on the second day after multi hour searches on both days. My suggestion was that he was nearby in either the immediate neighborhood or crossing back and forth to the park. I suggested to put up large signs on the busy street, one block away and to re flyer the surrounding neighborhoods.

Three days later I received a phone call that Hank had bee found. They received a call from a man who lived on the busy street that Hank had been in his yard for a couple of days. He saw their flyer on his street.