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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"MiMi", Chihuhua, Oakland

Mimi is a four year old, unspayed, beige and white Chihuahua. She is not wearing a collar not does she have a microchip or tattoo. She had been missing for eight days when I was called out. Mimi was let out accidently by a family member who forgot to close the front gate after leaving home that day. However, her disappearance was not noticed for several hours.

We found Mimi's scent leading out from the front gate and going down the street and then around the block and then back home, but nobody was home. She then continued down the street and wandered around in the neighborhood and next door to the apartment complex. There were several tracks throughout that complex. The track was around another block and then back to the house and then through some industrial parking lots. Then it went out toward the freeway off ramp and around another neighborhood to a loft/business combination that does allow dogs to live there.

Thee were a couple of other directions to follow, however, Mimi's owner stopped the search after three hours to go to an appointment.