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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"Chance" Lhasa Apso/Maltese mix, Hayward

Chance is a four year old, brown/white, neutered Lhasa Apso. He is wearing a collar and tag with a San Jose address of the recent former person who had Chance. They have been notified that Chance is missing. He has no microchip or tattoo. He had been missing for a few days when I was called. Chance got out the garage door by accident as people were coming and going after unloading the car.

We found the track that led away from the house, around the corner, through a neighborhood that was behind Chance's home. The track then came back to the house. It then led away from the house again, through a park across the street from their house, through a set of small shops and behind the stores to the dumpsters. The track then went back through the park, and out onto the street. It continued again down another street and through another neighborhood and then back to his house. In this last neighborhood a woman we spoke to said she saw Chance on her front lawn two days previously. She said she tried to help him but he ran away.

It then led away again and through another neighborhood where two people confirmed they saw him walking down the street. They said they tried to help him and gave him some food. They said he ate the food but then took off down the street. We continued on that street and across the next street into another neighborhood.

Chance's person stopped the track at three hours because he had another appointment to get to. He said he would resume the search for Chance on his own.