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Monday, August 24, 2009

"Sabrina" DSH, Tortishell, Dixon - Found!

Sabrina is an 11 year old spayed and microchipped tortoiseshell DSH. She is not wearing a collar or tags. She is typically 70% indoor and 30% outdoor. Her known territory was thought to be very close to the house, within less than 1/2 a block in either direction. She is not known to be friendly toward strangers. She had been missing for three days when I was called. There are two other cats and a rabbit in the home.

On the search we found Sabrina's scent in both directions of the street and down at least a two to three blocks in both direction. We also found her scent behind a school and around those streets. We did find her track leading down a street away from the school for several blocks and then straight into a very large farm and agricultural area. Due to the vastness, Sabrina's people decided rightly to check other areas for her scent. We did check in both directions left and right on that street, but we did not find her scent in either direction, so we headed back toward the house.

We check different blocks, but did not find her scent. Flyers were left up along the way we tracked her. There were still other areas to check, however Sabrina's people decided to stop the search at the three hour minimum. They said they would continue to look for her on their own.

About two weeks later, I received an email saying that Sabrina had been found a couple of blocks away in a neighbor's yard, safe and healthy.