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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"Mismee", DLH, White with Grey Tabby, Menlo Park

Mismee is an indoor only, adult, spayed female, all white with a little grey on the head, longhaired, bobtailed cat weighing approximately 10 pounds. She is microchipped, but has no collar on. She was let out accidently when some service workers were working on Mismee's person home.

We did a four separate searches for Mismee spanning a couple of weeks. Each day was several hours long.

We tracked her extensively throughout Menlo Park, Palo Alto, the Standford campus and surrounding areas. The tracks went through urban as well as rural and open space. There were horses, goats, loose dogs, lots of fences to jump, business parks, creeks and climb over and even a place run by the federal government who outright refused to allow us onto the property. After over a half hour, they finally allowed us to do the track with an armed guard following behind us. Luckily Mismee did not spend a lot of time on that property and we were able to leave quickly.

There were a couple of sightings along the way, near the apartment complex where she escaped from. Traps were set out with food, but Mismee did not go into them.