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Monday, June 1, 2009

"Angel", DSH Grey/White Tabby, San Jose - Found!

Angel is a 14 year old grey and whilte DSH. She does go outside, but only in the daytime. She comes inside at night. She went outside in the afternoon, but did not come home in the usual two to three hours. Her people searched for two days all over the neighborhood in yards and garages, but did not find her. They had put up multiple large flourescent posters around the area to state she was missing, and they got a lot of response from people who would keep an eye out for her, but nobody had seen her since she was missing.

We started by checking all available yards and garages in the immediate block surrounding Angel's home. We did pick up Angel's scent in the immediate block, but the scent did not go beyond the immediate block. We did pick up Angel's scent across the street to the east, which is an industrial yard, but the scent appeared to not be recent since Dino was not fanatic. I believe that Angel had crossed over the street, but only occasionally.

We checked numerous yards and garages directly across the street, and we found Angel's scent in many of the yards and on the sidewalk. However, the scent did not go further than the immediate block to the west. And the scent did not exist on around the corner to the block to the street behind the houses in front of Angel's house. We did check the street behind the house in front of Angel's house, however we did not find any scent.

On this street, were two large abandoned victorian houses. We did get the property owner's name and phone number from a local neighbor, and Angel's people said they would call to see if they would get permission to search those two properties to see if Angel was hiding inside or unable to come out. Dino did indicated that scent may be in the yards since he was extremely interested, but the houses were fully fenced off so we could not go in.

My first probability choice was to say that Angel was stuck somewhere. Either she was injured or unable to get back home since she had a pretty consistent schedule about coming home. Her territory appeared to be very small. We only found her scent in the immediate block and behind her home in a couple of close yards. She was traveling via yards and fences. She was not traveling around the corners.

I suggested to keep up the flyers and posters to let their neighbors know that Angel was still missing in case they found her hiding or stuck somewhere.

The next morning I received an email at around 9 AM saying that Angel had been found! She was found stuck inside a garage of a neighbor. I was told that garage had already been checked but she was not found in the initial search. When I was there with Dino, we wanted to check that garage, but the homeowner was not at home. Angel's person went back there the next day and checked it again and found her inside. I was told she was safe, but a little dirty and a little skinny.

(entered into lost pet questionnaire 2/28/10)