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Saturday, June 13, 2009

"Tinka", Chihuahua/Poodle mix, South San Francisco - Found

12/15/09 - I am unaware how Tinka was found. I heard through another person that they were told by Tinka's people that Tinka had been found. When I emailed them to ask them about the details, I never received a response.

July 21, 2009 - Still Missing

We are still looking for our female dog Tinka, a 8 lbs., terrier/chihuahua/maltese mix with white fluffy hair. The fur is a little bit scruffy and beige on her back. She is small but has long skinny legs for her size, and brown eyes. She has a long white tail with longer fluffy hairs. Last seen, she was running down Grand Ave. and afterwards at the Mission Rd. area in South San Francisco late on Saturday, June 6th. It is likely that she is still wearing a polka dotted white, pink and purple collar with an Adobe Animal Hospital tag. She needs her medications. She is microchipped, so any vet will be able to scan her. She is a timid and likely a bit submissive, but friendly little dog; therefore please don't chase her. There will be a REWARD for her safe return with no questions asked. If you have any information about her, please call 24hrs (408) 691-3019. Thanks for looking and helping.

Tinka is a poodle/terrier mix, about three years old. She is spayed, microchipped twice and wearing a collar with ID tags. Her people were vacationing out of the country and Tinka escaped from the pet sitter's house by jumping an eight foot fence.

She escaped on a Thursday and she was spotted that Saturday evening sleeping underneath a freeway overpass next to a set of train tracks. Several people attempted to catch her but she ran away instead. I was called out that following Friday. Her people had just gotten back into town and I was came out the following Friday.

Day one search: We started the search in the location where Tinka had been seen sleeping next to the railroad tracks. And for the next several hours Tinka's track led us around the area of motels, industrial parks, rail road tracks, gas stations, canals, warehouses and everyplace imaginable in an industrialized location of town. We didn't stop the track until after 10:30 PM at night. We agreed to continue the track the following morning at 10 AM at the location where we left off.

Day two search: We started at Starlite and Canal again in South San Francisco early Saturday morning, and the track led us all around more parks, more canals, through dog parks, through open fields and industrial parks. After several hours the track came to an end at the doorstep of a business building. We checked several blocks in all directions and no other scent was detected. It was all a negative. We decided to put up posters and flyers in the area and talk to the people at the building first thing Monday morning.

Tinka's people talked to the people at the building and nobody remembers seeing her at all. She also talked to people in buildings along side, also professional buildings. No remembers seeing her at all.

I had another track scheduled for Monday in Folsom for a lost pug, so we continued with the search on Tuesday afternoon.

Day three search: We decided to review the business building location again to double check for any scent leading out. Nothing new was discovered. We checked the location of another possible sighting, but no scent of Tinka was found at the location.

Her people will continue to renew the posters and flyers around the last known location and continue to contact vets and groomers all over the area and beyond.

(entered into lost pet questionnaire 7/9/10)