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Monday, June 22, 2009

"Lia", Siamese/Himalyan Mix, San Francisco - Found!

Lia is a five year old white and brown Siamese/Himalayan female spayed mix. She is not wearing a collar, but she does have a microchip. She is a totally indoors. She lives with her people in a condo on the second floor. She was last seen late one night after her people went outside and downstairs to the front to the garbage in their garage, which is shared by other tenants in the building. She had been missing for several days when I was called.

There had been an unconfirmed sighting of Lia a couple of blocks away a couple of days prior to me coming out. Later on after starting the track I found out about another sighting just the day before.

We started the track by seeing what track was out front of the building. The track started out front and led west along the street very quickly. The track was unusual in that it was not typical to a cat walking alongside the edges of the building, which would be normal for an indoor cat that suddenly got out. Instead the track went up streets, made turns and kept going up streets and over and down. My initial guess was that Lia was in a car or being carried, but being in a car was my first guess, especially since she was last seen going into the garage of the building. She was either in a car that belonged to a co-tenant who did not know Lia was in the car, or Lia was being carried by somebody, probably in a large carry bag.

The track went all the way to a large senior retirement home several blocks away. The track went up to a large iron gate that led to a loading dock. We walked into the buidling and told them what was happening. They allowed us to go past the gate and see where Lia's track led us to. The track went up the loading dock and then did not go further. We checked a little further into the garden, but we did not find anything.

Lia's person wanted to go back and check the spots of the two sightings (this is when I found out about the second sighting from the previous day). So we walked back to that location and check the most current spot, which was a planter box on the corner. Dino did pick up the track, which led down the street, through an old iron gate and down the hill, further into the Presidio. We followed the track through a fence and then down into the Presidio. The track kept going further into the Presidio. At this point Lia's person wanted to stop the track at three hours and go back home.

I got a call from Lia's person about four days later that Lia had been found in her backyard in a storage shed. My guess is that Lia made it back home from the Presidio and got back through the garage which leads into the backyard. Lia's person said she was very dirty and skinny.

(entered into Lost Pet Questionnaire 11/17/10)