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Monday, June 1, 2009

"Pashiem", Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Sacramento

Pashiem is a red and white one year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She and persons were visiting a friend in Sacramento. Pashiem got out from a fenced yard on a Friday afternoon, and I was called in to do a search on the next Sunday morning. She did not have a collar on, but she is microchipped.

Pashiem found a small opening under the gate on the driveway and took off. Her persons covered the area with flyers and a TV report was displayed on Saturday night. No response was received to the TV news report.

I double checked the entire yard, and it appeared that there was only one way out and that was through a small opening under the driveway gate.

I started the search out front of the driveway. We checked for any scent on the right side of the house. We checked the intersection in all directions, and there appeared to be no scent. We tried in the opposite direction, and there appeared to be scent. We followed it down the street and then it turned left and continued down the street, which led straight toward a large, busy urban park. The scent crossed the street, into the park, and then turned right along the path. Dino followed the scent down the next left turn, alongside the park and then turn left into the park onto a paved maintenance road. The scent down to the end of the road and then went a short way onto the grass. Then it stopped. We looked all over the park in all directions, but we could not find any other tracks. All three of us were confused. If she had been picked up by a maintenance/park person, who we thought would be the only vehicle allowed into the park, then they should have reported the dog. If they picked her up on a golf cart, then her scent would be out. If they had picked her up in a closed vehicle, then her scent would not be outside. Still something seemed wrong.

As I was walking around and around the park trying to find any clue, I noticed a bunch of vehicle tire tracks all over the grass, coming and going in all directions. I thought that was very strange. Most parks are totally against vehicles from driving on the grass because it puts too much wear on the grass. We only saw a couple of official vehicles in the park the whole time we were there, and they weren't driving on the grass. Who was driving all over the grass?

I went to Pashiem's persons and asked them what they thought. They thought it was odd also. It was quite unusual for a busy park to allow driving on the grass, plus it is a hazard to other people and pets because they won't be expecting a car driving on the grass. I wondered if the tire tracks were from passenger vehicles and if they were allowed into the park, which is not common. We thought that if a citizen had been in the park on Friday and picked up Pashiem, nobody would know about it. Not even a maintenance person.

We continued to check the perimeter of the park and the perimeter across the street from the park. There was no track leading in any direction anywhere. As I was coming back into the park, I saw a passenger truck drive across the park on the grass and stop to pick up several boxes and pieces of equipment from somebody, and then the car drove straight ahead and across the grass and out the park. Just then I saw another passenger car drive directly up to a picnic area and park. Pashiem's person saw that vehicle also.

Based on this information, our greatest probability on what happened to Pashiem was that she was picked up by a citizen in the park and put into a vehicle with the windows closed and then driven away.

Pashiem's person followed up the search with more flyers and fluorescent posters all around the park. She said she would also check with the Recreation department who may have had a picnic permit that Friday.

I heard from them about a week later and still no word about Pashiem.

(entered into lost pet questionnaire 2/26/10)