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Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Maggie", Black Toy Poodle, Sacramento

Maggie is a 12 year old black toy poodle. Her people has recently moved to their new home, which was right next door to their previous house. Maggie was no wearing a collar or a microchip. She was let out into the back yard and then walked away from the yard. I was called in about a week and a half after she was last seen. Maggie's people had put up large fluorescent posters up and down the street. There had not been any calls or sightings of Maggie.

We started the search by checking the backyard, and we found three separate areas where Maggie could have escaped, including a hole under the side gate. I decided to remember two of the holes and check the hole under the gate first. If there wasn't any scent under the gate, I would go back and check the other two holes. One of the holes led into a side yard, and that house is empty. Maggie's people said they already checked that yard, and the hole in the back was only accessible through a long wire fencing, which would have taken a lot of work for a 12 year old dog.

The track outside the front led away from the side gate and down the street. It led on a right turn and then down that street and in and out of several buildings along the way. There was a left turn at the end of the street, down the street and then another left, which put us back onto the street where Maggie's lives.

Again, we went down the street and then crossed the street and down and then crossed back over in front of their house. The track then went down the street to the left, down the street and behind the houses to a large empty lot that is full of high weeds and trash. We found several tracks leading around the field as if Maggie was checking the place out. Then we found a track that led directly to a hole in the fence and disappeared to inside a backyard. We found the path to the street on the other side and went to find the house that had the hole in the fence.

The house had weeds all over the yard that were several feel high. Berry bushes lines all sides of the fences. We checked under the deck, but nothing was there. The side yard had a large rolling gate that had a small hole on the right side where Maggie could have fit. We found the track there and followed it out and down the street to a set of apartments. These apartments are also directly behind the house where Maggie lives.

We followed the track to the hole in the fence behind Maggie's house and then in and out of the houses on either side of her house. Both houses are currently vacant and have holes in their rear fences. We also found a large colony of stray and feral cats along with a brand new litter of kittens. Dino was having a hey day telling me about all the cats in the area.

Maggie's track continued all around this apartment complex including inside and around several times. We checked all streets going out but did not find any scent. As we were walking around, we talked to several people and noticed one critical item. This apartment complex allowed small dogs only. Nothing was allowed in over 15 pounds and the apartment manager made that clear because he said Dino was too big to be even visiting. One man said that he saw a dog that fit Maggie's description being walked by an elderly woman a couple of days prior, but he did not recognize her.

Maggie's people were going to put up large fluorescent posters up and down the area surrounding the apartment complex.

My top guess is that Maggie had been picked up and taken somewhere, possibly by this senior lady seen in the area. Since there was no scent leading out in the area of the apartment complex, Maggie was either in that complex or she had been picked up and put into a car with its window's up which would not allow her scent to leave the car, thus leaving no track to follow. If Maggie had been picked up and carried away, there would still leave a track to follow

(entered into lost pet questionnaire 9/3/10)