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Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Ezekial", DSH Orange Tabby, For Ord/Monterey Bay - Found!

(I received an email message from Ezekial's person that he had been found several weeks after he went missing. He was found inside the second-hand warehouse of where the couch was donated. The couch was outside for pickup for an unknown time until they came to pick it up.  My guess is that the track we followed was Ezekial lost prior to him going home again and finally getting into the couch. When the organization came to pick up the couch, he was already inside after running all over the place on the track we followed  him.)

Ezekial is a short coated orange tabby. He is all indoors. He was wearing an orange rhinestone collar, but did not have a microchip. His person was moving and Ezekial slipped out while furniture and boxes were being moved out. He was not noticed missing until after the move had occurred. His person rushed back to Ford Ord and started her search. He had been missing for a week when I was called.

Day one search:
We started the first day by checking the area just outside Ezekial's former house. We did find his scent around the house, but then we found it go away from the house and down the street. We followed the scent down the street, across a busy highway and into a 18 hole golf course. The scent went to a maintenance yard and then back out and out to a neighborhood. For the next few hours we followed Ezekial's scent through several neighborhoods, to the beach, back through neighborhoods and then back to the maintenance yard in the golf course. It was then after 8 PM, and we still had to walk back to the cars.

We thought about trying to find someone to set and monitor a trap in that location. Ezekial's person left a message with the maintenance person, who's phone number we got from the pro shop.

Day two search:
We decided to continue the search for Ezekial from the maintenance shop at the golf course. Ezekial's person had spoken to a person from the yard. They were not willing to monitor the trap, but they were willing to allow her to set the trap is somebody else were to monitor it.

We continued to follow Ezekial's scent all around the golf course, through some more neighborhoods (some similar to what we had already done.) The track went out the golf course and then back up to the location of the former home, but then it went away from the house and down a hill into a school yard. We decided to take lunch here and continue after lunch.

After lunch we resumed the track going into the school yard. The track went all around the school and out and around a couple more neighborhoods and then up to a set of old and abandoned housing buildings on the fort. This led us to a maintenance yard adjacent to an elementary school, apparently on the campus of the Monterey Bay CSU. We followed the track around the school and the surrounding area and then back around to the maintenance yard and back the parking lot of the school.

Ezekial's person decided to call the search at this point since she had her new job to start the next day and we still had a two hour drive back home.

I contacted her during the week, and she said that she had received a call about a sighting of an orange cat in the area of her former home. This person had seen the flyers posted all around the neighborhood. Ezekial's person was able to find an animal control officer from a local animal shelter who said she would monitor a trap. The trap was set and a large DSH orange tabby was caught, but it was not Ezekial.

Day three search: We decided to meet for a third time and start the search back at the elementary school campus. We did find another track leading back down to the lower school campus and then around and around out to the busy highway. The track went across the highway and through a neighborhood that we had been through in the past, and then back out to the highway and back to the golf course again, back to the maintenance yard! The track went through the golf course and around until it led us to the pro shop area.

Ezekial's person decided to call the search off and focus back on the two locations of the maintenance yard the elementary school were we first start. We were going to set traps in both those locations.
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