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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"Lexi", Yorkie/Chihuahua, Concord - Found!

I received a call from Lexi's person that Lexi, a two year old, unspayed, Yorki/Chihuahua, who had been stolen out of their SUV while the vehicle was parked behind a restaurant while they ate dinner. This occurred on a Friday evening and I spoke to Lexi's person on Sunday morning.

I asked if the police had performed fingerprinting dusting on the vehicle and she said "no" because she was told that the police was too shortstaffed to do it. I told her that she absolutely insist this occur since a crime had occur ed and that it was their job. I suggested that she call the police officer's supervisor to have them make sure the dusting gets done. She said she knew the chief of police and that she would call them.

We pushed around a few ideas on who could have taken her. She thought maybe a couple who pulled in beside her at the parking lot. She said she never saw them come into the restaurant and there wasn't anything else around there for them to go to. She though maybe a homeless person from the creek, which ran alongside the parking lot of the restaurant. She thought maybe a client or former employee of their business, who have in the past made threats to their family, business and Lexi. I also told her about the possibility that Lexi was stolen by a professional dog thief, who steal dogs to resell in other locations or sell to puppy mills to breed.

News shows and a bunch of flyers had been distributed displaying a $10,000 reward.

I got a call later in the day from Lexi's person's daughter that they had received a call that this person had Lexi and for them to wire the money to them when they called back later in the afternoon. They thought it sounded like a scam because the caller never showed proof that they had Lexi.

I received a call the next morning from Lexi's person that they had received another call and that they had Lexi. They provided a number to call back on and they provided a photo of Lexi. Lexi's person agreed to meet with them at a designated location and they got Lexi back (still wearing her denim jacket) and they gave out the $10,000.

Lexi appeared to be safe, unhurt and healthy. They were going to take her to the vet for a full check up.

(entered into lost pet questionnaire 4/4/10)